How To Prevent Rats From Entering The Drainage System?


For any typical household, rats are always a significant nuisance. But have you ever wondered why rats invade your homes and create a messy situation? It is because of the leftover food lying over the kitchen sink or the blocked or ill-maintained drainage system.

It is a well-known fact that garbage and food attract rats to a high level. Hence, food stuck in your drainage pipes becomes a part of rat entry points in your home. Ultimately, these rats end up inside your home as they reach for food.

How to stop rats climbing drain pipes has become the question for everyone troubled by rat invasion in their homes. Let us understand how to keep track of various rat entry points and prevent the rats from intruding on your premises.

Various Precautions On How To Stop Rats Climbing Drain Pipes?

A rat infestation can occur anytime, but it majorly happens when there is ignorance of drainage maintenance. If you live in a rented apartment, the landlord must take care of the infestation at the residence. If not, several precautions can be taken to prevent the rats from entering the drain system.

·         Installing Barriers

Numerous appliances and products are available in the market that helps in keeping rats and other rodents away from the premises. The most effective type of barrier is installing different and continuous sections of discharge pipes, which are vertically facing. It helps in preventing the rats from going up the pipes. Additionally, applying the inner finned lines in the drainage stack is beneficial in some circumstances.

·         Using Covers For The Drainage Pipes

A practical plan for keeping away the rats, so they don’t climb the drains is placing a plastic cover or a metal grid on the drainpipe entrance. Rats won’t be able to enter your home this way, so you won’t have to worry about infestations. Don’t worry about the drain clogging. These plastic or grids made from metal are safe to use.

·         Rat Cage For Precautionary Measures

Rat cages for drains are similar to the covers used, but instead of blocking the rats, the cage captures the rats and can be discarded later. The ventilation pipes attached to the discharge location are typically where these cages are situated. Cages are also a good option when it comes to keeping away the rats from climbing the lines.

·         Drain Blockers

Another excellent method to keep the rats away is using a blocker targeted in one direction. It is specially designed to keep the rats restricted from climbing the drains but allows the water and sewage to pass throw. The other side cannot be opened and determines how the rats can enter the drains.


Several cases have been where the drainage system gets blocked due to rat infestation. They eventually die inside the drains creating an unwanted situation for the house owners. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry later on. Rats can give you a hard time, but keeping yourself and your family safe from the infestation is essential, which is hazardous if not taken good care of.

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