Beginner’s Guide to Ready Made Curtains


Although they may seem unimportant, curtains can significantly alter the appearance of a room. If you’re redecorating, it’s essential to choose curtains based on the effect you want to achieve. However, selecting the perfect curtains can be harder than you expect.

If custom-made curtains seem like a lot of work, there is another choice: ready-made curtains UK-based customers looking for eye-appealing, functional curtains that fit most windows will find them of interest.

This guide will explain everything you should know about ready-made curtains.

What Are Ready-Made Curtains?

Ready-made curtains fit common window sizes. Some people may consider them too generic, but this is far from true. Nowadays, they come in various styles and designs to match the décor in any home.

Types of Ready-Made Curtains

The two most popular types of ready-made curtains are pencil pleat and eyelet.

Pencil pleat curtains are hung on a pole with hooks. Eyelet curtains feature metal rings with holes which slide over the pole. They offer a simpler style and don’t require hooks.

Additional Functions of Ready-Made Curtains

Many think curtains are only a decorative function, but they can be so much more than that. Ready-made curtains can help control the amount of light a room gets, regulate the temperature, and increase comfort.

If you’re looking for thicker ready-made curtains that insulate your windows and block the sunlight, look for “thermal” or “blackout” labels.

They can be both pencil pleat and eyelet, so it’s up to you to find the perfect fit for the room you’re redecorating.

Different Sizes of Ready-Made Curtains

Before diving into different designs and styles of ready-made curtains, it’s crucial to measure your windows. That way, you can narrow down your choices and look at only the curtains that match the measurements.


The width of the curtains is always the first size you’ll see listed. Don’t forget that ready-made curtains come in pairs, and the dimensions refer to the measurement of one curtain laid out flat.

Ready-made curtains are available in three standard sizes:

  • 117 cm (46 inches)
  • 167 cm (66 inches)
  • 228 cm (90 inches)

The width you select depends on the size of your pole or track. If you’re in between sizes, we recommend purchasing the larger option. Thus, the curtains will gather nicely and have fullness.

Drop (Length)

There are three standard lengths of ready-made curtains UK customers can choose from:

  • 137 cm (54 inches)
  • 182 cm (72 inches)
  • 228 cm (90 inches)

Some manufacturers also offer a 274 cm (108 inches) drop.

You can determine the length you need by measuring your window and seeing which category it falls into. Again, if you’re between two sizes, it’s best to get the longer option and alter the curtains or move the rail or pole higher. There are some retailers that offer an alteration service for ready-made curtains too.

Design of Ready-Made Curtains

Once you’ve figured out the size, you can explore different styles, patterns, and designs.

When it comes to colour, you should choose one that matches your décor and complements the furniture and walls. You don’t have to go with similar shades. On the contrary, curtains can add a fresh look to your room. If your furniture is beige or nude, bright-coloured curtains are an excellent choice.

You should also think about the pattern. If your furniture is “plain” with no colour variations, patterned curtains will make the room more interesting. On the other hand, solid colour curtains are usually a better option if you already have a mix of different patterns and materials.

Although there are certain rules for combining different colours and materials, don’t let them limit your creativity. You have the freedom to choose the design you think looks best.

Explore the World of Ready-Made Curtains

If you want an affordable and convenient way to add something new to your room, you should check out ready-made curtains. UK-based customers have plenty of designs to choose from and match it to the décor.

Since selecting the right size can be tricky, don’t hesitate to consult experts that will help you make the best choice. They can also help you decide which patterns and designs go best with the room you’re decorating.

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